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Green Screen Studio ( 2,500 Sq Ft), Lounge and Kitcken Area 1,000 Sq Ft, Private Bathroom

$100 / HOUR


1000 sq Ft, available as an additional VIP lounge, private make-up area, dressing room) with private kitcken and bathroom with bath tub

$75 / HOUR

$250 Package (4 lights)
  • 4 Kino Flo Lights (2 x 4ft/4 bank, 2 x 2ft/4 bank)
  • 4 C-Stands
  • 4 Sand bags
$400 Package (18 lights & grip)
  • 4 Kino Flo Lights (2 x 4ft/4 bank, 2 x 2ft/4 bank)
  • 8 BrightCast LED Lights with variable temperature and dimmers
  • 2 x 1K Lights
  • 2 x 650 Lights
  • 1 x 2k Light
  • 1 x circular beauty light
  • 5 C-Stands, 8 light stands
  • 2 Wheeled Boom Stands with arms
  • 20 Sand bags
  • 2 Director’s Chairs
  • 2 Lastolites reflectors (silver, white, black and gold sides)
  • Portable PA for on set playback
  • 6 Apple Boxes
  • Diffusion paper, C clamps, Stingers
Also available
  • 2 Green Treadmills $250/day each
  • 1 Green Turntable $120/day
  • 1 Sony EX1r Camera $250/day
  • Teleprompter w iPad interface $250/day, $400-$650/day with operator
  • Tripod Sunpack Videopro-m3 and 1 Wheeled Tripod Dolly $50/day
  • 1 TV/Monitor with HDMI cable: $25/day
  • Change of screen color $100
  • 2 Wired Lavalieres $100/day
  • 1 Party LED quest Light, 1 Laser Party Light: $20/day
Other Services
  • Sound on set $650 full day, $400 half day
  • Voice over, ADR, sound restauration and dialogue clean-up $100/h
  • Full recording studio with engineer – recording, mixing and mastering – $125/h (daily rates available)
  • Editing $50/h
  • Special Effects $50-175/h
  • Other Crew Available: Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Make-up Artist, Set Designer, Choreographer, etc.
Affordable Prices
We offer special discounts to students, as well as multi-day and seasonal discounts. The green screen stage is pre-lit, which will save you time during set-up.
No Crew, No Problem

Whether you need just a make-up artist, camera operator, lighting/grip assistance or a full crew, we can assemble any size team to ensure your production runs smoothly. We work on a regular basis with talented and fully trained professionals. They are familiar with our facility and enjoy very much the work, taking great care to execute your project at the highest industry standards.The lights on the grid are included with the green screen studio rental. We also have available for rent various movable floor lights, two green treadmills, a camera, teleprompter, green turn table, props and furniture.